When a man absolutely positively can not delay an ejaculation any longer. When he cums so hard it knocks him on the floor and he is stunned by how much came out. The penis is typically sore or bruised afterwards.
Do you recall your first?
Watching this Mpg "Barry Fukz The Babysitter" A middle-aged guy is sitting on the couch with this highschool girl. She has pigtails tied with ribbons andis wearing on of those school girl uniforms with the plaid skirt + white socks that go up to her knees. The man pulls off her panties, stuffs his face in them and inhales loudly. The girl giggles at this and is then fucked mercilessly in the ass by this dude. He blows his load so hard he falls off the couch into the toy wagon and there is cum all over the girls ass and cute lil face. There. Cumsplotion.
by Jerk October 21, 2004
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When a girl unexpectedly spits a mouthful of jizz all over her man's chest after blowing him, since she didnt know what else to do with it.
Ann, what the fuck? Was that a cumsplotion or are you just throwing the fuck up?
by Mr. Waggy July 17, 2017
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cook a son's balls and serve them to his mother as a plate of meatballs. as she bites into it, there is an explosion of cum.
Cook: Want some meat balls?
Mother: Oh yes! Thank you!
Cook: Mhm, don't mention it.
Mother: *bites into ball and gets a pleasant cumsplotion from her son's balls*
by Waad August 22, 2021
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