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A Cumper is a very small camper you use when you want to take one of your favorite booty calls out to the woods to do some camping but you don’t want to take your main rv because it’s too nice, so instead you take the Cumper. They usually have jizz stains all over the bed from previous excursions.
dude: “I’m gonna take Amy to Mt. Shasta next weekend but she hasn’t reached girlfriend status yet so I think I’ll take her in the Cumper.”
by BrentLovesYou May 21, 2018
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a person who can't do anything right. particularly directed at the utter "mongs" of society. they sit below the likes of fuckboys and tosspots but slightly above the well known "roadman"
Horace: Sorry mum I forgot my bag at school.
Martha: For fucks sake Horace, you fucking cumper
by iamnotarapist May 09, 2016
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