A word originating in Hoboken NJ as a shortened way to say companion.
by OGHoboken October 26, 2017
Colloquially known as the "one pump dump". To cum after only one pump
Dasha was so tight and wet, I could not help but cump. She was not impressed.
by The Stinge February 8, 2015
The act of masturbating and taking a dump at the same time. A much lonelier version of the blumpkin.
Don't ever go to the bathroom after Joe has been in there. He's been known to cump in public restrooms.
by Captain Bacon December 18, 2009
A word that can take the place of any other word known to human kind. Generally used by those of the 2011 class of B.H.S. Its main purpose is to sound extremely perverted yet have no real meaning of its own.
Yesterday i cumped a cow on my way to school
The teacher said," no cumping in the hallways"
Cump you, you mother-cumper!
by Cole! September 5, 2008
A well known whore
A female who always takes a load when presented with the opportunity
A cum dumpster

Word derived from cum and dump combing the two giving us Cump
Note: Widely used in and believed to have originated in North Jersey.
That girl is such a whore. What a cump.
by Jersey Filth February 7, 2019
An offensive expression used to describe an imperceptive action performed by someone.
"Bill shot himself in the leg with a shotgun"

"What a cump"
by Carnage44 April 22, 2008
When a males cum is lumpy.
Omg last night i slept with this guy and he totally jizzed in my mouth, man that guy had cump, i almost heaved.
by K-LAJOY January 11, 2010