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Dasha is the sweetest girl in the universe. If u mess with her friends u will have 2 deal with her. She is caring, funny and very talanted. She will always be there 4 u when ur in trouble. If u meet a Dasha, ur life will change and u will always have a smile on ur face.
Dasha is a russian word for beautiful flower
by Lilystargurllll March 23, 2018
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A usually russian or ukrainian girl who will do anything for her friends even if they don't want her to. she has a very interesting sense of humor that only her closest friends will understand.
person 1: woah man that joke is crazy! i don't know who would ever understand it.
person 2: i know! it would be dasha!
by deshdosh420 November 06, 2018
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Dasha is always nice to strangers and isn’t often moody but when she is watch out. She is always up for new things, she’s always trying to hang out and loves spending time with friends. When she realizes u were treating her wrong she will find someone who does and u will realize how much u miss her. It’s very hard to earn her trust and if u broke her trust it’s even harder to gain it back. If u were the one hurting her and she found a friend who doesn’t it’s gonna ha a LOOOONNNGGG time before she will treat u as loving as before. She’s usually not that loud but around her best friends she’s a trouble maker. Her smile is so dazzling and her laugh is as smooth as honey. She has dimples and glowing skin. She’s skinny and sexy. Over all she is beautiful outside especially and inside too. She is VERY picky about boys and clothes. She never tells u things straight up but she will say it behind your back. She learns to be honest very long. She is loyal and a great friend. She comforts really well and is an AMAZING friend.
Dasha (n) is very fun
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Dasha is the most amazing and perfect girl you will ever meet. She will always be there for you when you are down or need help, she will always love you and be there for you through your darkest time. She has the most amazing loyalty, honesty, and personality, and she is an all around beautiful person. So attractive you won’t want to stop looking, she is perfect. You will instantly fall in love when you meet her, and consider yourself lucky if she chooses you. Youu are the most lucky guy in the world if you have a dasha
Your being such a dasha rn
Awh thank you that’s so sweet!
Your welcome
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Dasha is a girl who knows russian (not always) and is shy around new peeps but when she gets to know you she is a kind nd helpfull person but has low self esteem and likes it when someone comferts her. :)
Person 1 : so how are you feeling?
Dasha: stupid dumb fat ugly thats how im feeling T.T
Person 1 :no your not your kind and pretty
by WhiteSox October 14, 2013
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Russian and extremely hot.
Dasha's are usually very good in bed and make amazing girlfriends.
Person 1: I met this chick last night, she was great!
Person 2: Oh, sweet, was she a Dasha?
Person 1: Dude , how'd you know?
by pinkyface23 March 02, 2010
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