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Russian and extremely hot.
Dasha's are usually very good in bed and make amazing girlfriends.
Person 1: I met this chick last night, she was great!
Person 2: Oh, sweet, was she a Dasha?
Person 1: Dude , how'd you know?
by pinkyface23 March 02, 2010
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(Dasha) is a female name ,the girls with that name are really (hot )with( sexy )bodies and their cute , (positive) and (optimistic)

Dasha's are fantastic in bed
Dude you going out with Dasha she is so Hot
by TheTrueMeaningOfYourName April 09, 2015
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An amazing wondeful beautiful woman with high sself respect ... will let no one bring her down
My self asteem is so low i wish i could be like Dasha
by Brandon May 22, 2004
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1. The nicest, coolest, sweetest, awesomest person in the world

2. A giant green monkey that touches people while they sleep
1. awww anna just bought me 3 lollypops because she had some extra money ! she is such a Dasha

by Dr. Jesus January 04, 2009
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Dasha is a girl who knows russian (not always) and is shy around new peeps but when she gets to know you she is a kind nd helpfull person but has low self esteem and likes it when someone comferts her. :)
Person 1 : so how are you feeling?
Dasha: stupid dumb fat ugly thats how im feeling T.T
Person 1 :no your not your kind and pretty
by WhiteSox October 14, 2013
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*it's european name of a girl (feminine version of Darius) don't matter how she looks like, and she don't give a fuck about other people. if u saw one ugly girl named Dasha don't judge other girls with the same name!
*also character on and title of MTV's Daria.
Dasha rocks, awesome persone inside and out!
by Daria/Dasha April 07, 2008
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Dasha is usually a very voilent person when pushed and can become very obssesive over a certain thing or person. When put I a situation she I crap with good comebacks but none the less she is an awesome person to be friends with and can really make you laugh with her twisted humor.
Person 1: Who's that stalking that guy?
Person 2: I don't know probably a Dasha.
by Rainbowmathafudgingunicorn January 20, 2017
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