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1. n. A dried patch of semen on the end of a male genitalia
2. adj. A discriptor for anyone who believes they have power over you or they think they are 'hot shit'.
1. This morning, after my girlfriend left for work, I discovered a cumling on my penis from the night before as I took a shower.
2. That little brat is nothing but a cumling
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Kaylee : Hey Kiersten why are there Cumling's on you face?
Kiersten : Well you see I gave Jake a blowjob at lunch and didn't wipe my face off DUH!
Steve : Hey guy's check out the Cumling's on my face I was sucking Chad's dick at lunch!
Kaylee : How cute Steve & Kiersten are twins!
Steve : Yeah Kiersten! (Wink)
Kiersten : Go wipe off your face jackass!
by SlopNChop July 20, 2018
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