The act of 2 or more people exchanging their cum with each other. The mouth is almost always involved.

Regardless of gender, regardless of who's cum it is, & regardless of how many people are involved in the cum swap. If the previous conditions are met it is considered a cum-swap.

When the mouth is the sole, or nearly so, source of the exchange it is known as cum kissing. A very similar concept.
Last night after I came in my girlfriend's pussy I immediately ate the cream pie. Her & I then cum-swapped until finally she swallowed it.
by ...and yet another person November 15, 2013
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One female transfers a man's ejaculated semen to another's mouth. Usually done during a manage a trois.
Julie cum swapped into Christie's mouth.
by ploppppy November 16, 2007
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two chicks exchanging a cumshot
He came in her mouth and she cum- swapped the load in her friend's mouth
by The Problem Solver June 23, 2004
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When one man cum's on the guy and licks it up and kisses them or when a guy cums into another guys mouth and they start kissing
I tried cum swapping with this hot guy last night and it was the best
by Washburn May 29, 2017
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1. The transfer of a man's semen from one mouth to another.

2. When two men swallow each other's semen.

3. A group of men who ejaculate at the same time.
Dude me and my roommate did a cum swap last night, he drank every last drop!
by neverwishagain1111 June 8, 2013
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Cum swapping is the act of continually exchanging semen between two(2) partners.
After 69ing each other, Steven & Anthony did a little cum swapping.
by thedude777 August 19, 2006
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Cum-swap Garside, also known as the cumswap challenge Is a competitive game of tag where one person ejaculates into their own mouth and then cum-swaps with someone else who consequently adds their own jizz into the mix.
All contestants from around the world must then work together to get the ever growing cum-glop around the entire earth by cum swapping.
Upon arrival at the beginning country, the first occupant of said country to receive the cum will finally swallow it and thereby conclude the game.

The event is named after Robert Garside (born 6 January 1967), calling himself The Runningman, is a British runner who was credited by Guinness World Records as the first person to run around the world.
Person 1: Hey we doing the cum-swap Garside next Saturday?
Person 2: yeah! Me and Stacy has been drinking fish smoothies all week to prepare for it!

Example 2
The annual cum-swap Garside begins on the 9th of February.
Contestants from all around the world will be required to be on standby and await their turn until the games has concluded.
by Flip-flop man January 13, 2021
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