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To ejaculate during an "imtimate" IM conversation with a stranger and block them immediately afterwards.
Girl - That Bastard just did a cum and run on me, i'll never get to know his asl.
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to cum on a girls face after intercourse, and quickly grab your things, run out, and never return again.
Last night I gave Jodie a mean dirty harry, and pulled a cum and run. I couldn't find my underwear though, but it was a feasible sacrifice.
by ChrisCash April 18, 2011
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When you bang a girl you just met at a club in the bathroom, then leave after ORGASM leaving the condom on the floor for someone to slip on.
Carl asked Tim why he looked in pain after leaving the bathroom and he just replied
"I just went into the aftermath of a cum and run"
by Googleplex69 May 25, 2016
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