The shock of moving from one culture to another often associated with laws, traditions, food, music and general lifestyle choices.
Guy 1: Dude, American beer is so gassy it just makes me feel bloated.
Guy 2: I hear European beer is better, with added hops or something.
Guy 1: Just adding to the culture shock.
by Highlander. February 08, 2010
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When a person is out of the loop or not up to date on pop culture, and your attempts to explain them just confuse them even more.
Guy #1: did you see that paris hilton sex tape?
Guy #2: someone made a sex tape at the hilton in paris?
Guy #1: you don't know paris hilton? geez pop culture shock
by parishiltonisaperson May 05, 2010
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The necessity of going to the bathroom very often due to the stomach readjusting to the food you've grown up with after being away from your home country for a very long time.
- "Aren't you gonna eat that spanish ham?"
- "Oh sorry, I got this severe reverse food culture-shock, I'm hitting the toilet every 5 min. I so could use some sweet & sour pork with rice right now."

- "Wait! You forget to take your phone with you."
- "Thanks, I better grab it cause I'll be in the bathroom for a while. You know, reverse food culture-shock."
by adry803 August 20, 2014
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A shock that urbane people endure when they are exposed to a culture that copied from other cultures and looses it's identity.
On visiting India, I received a culture reverse shock.
by doodling June 29, 2011
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A social situation that arises when an individual moves to a new location they have not previously lived in and finds that the political climate from where they previously lived and the political culture of the new area they moved into are completely different from each other. Some issues that accompany this situation include anxiety, discomfort, identity conflicts, homesickness, confusion, frustration, anger, language barriers, generational differences in terms of views on various political topics, and differences in terms of where, when, and how people in that area think about and discuss politics.
Kailani: What’s wrong with that guy in corner? He seemed to be very anxious when I was speaking to him about politics and does not seem to be very mindful of his tone when speaking about his views.

Sarah: I think he moved here three to four weeks ago; he is probably suffering from political culture shock. He is probably struggling to get used to the political climate around, which it may take him a while to get used to it.

Kailani: I see.
by Vanguard 1998 March 12, 2021
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