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Kailani, the type of girl that everyone knows and loves. Shes funny, nice beautiful, and simply amazing in every way. The type of person that loves to sing, a person who is intelligent, and loves chow chows. The type of girl that cares for you, and will help you whenever u need help. Shes irresistible, almost everyone will fall for her. No matter the age, race, and gender. If u had a friend like her you wouldn't regret any moment u spend with her. Every moment , every minute, every second, is a moment you want to treasure. She is truly a special person. Unique from others. Simply amazing.
Kailani is a girl.
by Bob Porter June 29, 2017
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The name kailani means the sea and sky in Hawaiian. Kailani is usually a mixed girl with some secrets in her past, Kailani is a bad bitch but she’s also a good bitch. She’s an athlete with the best body out of the normal girl. Kailani has a phat booty but not too big. She’s loyal to every man or women that is lucky to be in a relationship with her and is known by everyone. Though a Kailani has her flaws she denies the beauty she doesn’t think she has. Kailani is smart in school she’s the girl people envy and get jealous ove. A Kailanis home life is usually not the best but is still grateful and works hard to provide. She is almost a comedian and will go bat shit crazy during any event that involves her friends just to get them to laugh.Dont be fooled the good girl image she may put as her reputation is not what she is , name it she’s most likely done it, but she doesn’t show off to be cool. She’s an amazing friend and will listen to and help all of your problems. Kailani is also a secret freak in the sheets if you get her to come out of her shell you’re in for an amazing treat, she knows what she’s doing. Overall Kailani is smart, hardworking,athletic,humble,hilarious, and a lot more. Try being friends with a kailani she’ll make your day.
Girl- Is that Kailani?
Girls boyfriend- yeah she’s great

Girl- no she’s not!

Boyfriends friend- yeah she’s well fit.

Girl- omg

Girls friend - I want Kailanis’ body
by iknowdawei May 03, 2018
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Kailani is the cute girl of the century, everyone wants to go out with her. There will be that one lucky guy that will go out with her and be able to say I love you to her. She tends to hang out with the boys and has a lot to say. She is cute, awesome, adorable, strong, well minded, and fine as hell! She has a great body, personality and smile. If you get the chance to go out with her stay with her!
Jock: who is that fine piece of ass over there!?
Jock: Maaan that's Kailani she is the finest girl in the world, I would do anything for that!
by About jskhhansi April 03, 2014
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A unique, one-of-a-kind girl that fits the rare name. She is cute, intelligent, nice, and has a sense of humor that is amazing and rare to the female gender. She has gorgeous eyes and an even moreso smile. Will go on snowboard dates. Has a tendency to make random sounds and walk her cat on a leash.
"Damnnnnnn... who dat girl with da fine booty and face like an angel who dun passed by?"
"Bro that's Kailani"
by Uhhhhh Son November 23, 2011
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A strong, winey, little brat, who doesn't remember who you are every time she's you.
That little brat is such a Kailani, she annoys me all the time!
by Jordan & Skyler June 27, 2008
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