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When a different culture adopts cultural traditions of another culture.

This's a very common process in diverse locations and open-minded people, in which multiple cultures accept and adopt others' traditions.

This's rarely a bad thing - examples of when "cultural appropriation" is when the Nazis adopted the Swastika (ๅ) from Indian religions and therefore gave it a bad name.

Barbaric philosophy of SJWs conclude that cultural appropriation is a grave sin. This SJW philosophy has very common traits with racial segregation, apartheid, racism, and likewise. Although SJWs believe that they're politically correct, this racist barbaric philosophy can easily be categorized under hate speech, discrimination, or racism, or in the support of thereof.
Cultural Appropriation is a very common result of diversity!
by hi im your average teabag October 17, 2018
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The idiotic conflation of culture with racism. Essentially the absurd belief that the cultural exchange that has served to enrich humanity throughout all of human history is wrong because racists exist.
SJW: OMG, look at that white girl with dreadlocks! That's cultural appropriation!
Sane individual: Eat a bag of dicks.
by Gubless September 10, 2016
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Something that both SJWs and far right white supremacists unanimously agree on.
SJW: "Oh my god, that white person is making a CURRY?! That is cultural appropriation and so wrong!"
White Supremacist: "I agree with you, white people need to stick to their own culture and shun anything created by black or brown people"
by Cicero1 August 06, 2020
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It is a Social Justice Warrior movement that is essentially segregation and extremely racist. SJWs claim that groups of people "own" their cultures and nobody is allowed to use it except for that race.
SJW: I am helping the world by enforcing the laws of cultural appropriation!
Normal person: *Proceeds to beat the absolute shit out of this potato*
by SocialJusticeWarrior2018 July 20, 2018
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a term SJWs use to prove that they are left wing racists with no self awareness.
SJW: "That white girl wears dreadlocks! She can't do that, that's cultural appropriation!"
Everyone else: "So you say she can't do something because of the color of her skin? Really?"
by IamMeWasTaken November 23, 2018
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The ridiculous notion that being of a different culture or race (especially white) means that you are not allowed to adopt things from other cultures. This does nothing but support segregation and hinder progress in the world. All it serves to do is to promote segregation and racism.
"That plain ass white bitch is wearing a bindi! That's classic Cultural Appropriation!"

"Doesn't Osaka in Japan have a bastardized Americanized city? Isn't that Cultural Appropriation?"
"Cultural Appropriation only applies to white people, so that doesn't count."
by garrenn November 25, 2014
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