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A masochistic furry/weeaboo/faggot/retard/troll who may have the name "Chase".
Chase you are fucking cucklord, kys.
by DevilPanda October 22, 2016
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Someone in the friend-zone who is actively discrediting other guys who pursuit the girl he likes (I.E the girl who put him in the friend-zone).
Just because Suki put you in the friend-zone, does not mean you have to be a cucklord.
by Horoko Vanguard February 15, 2017
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Originated from CDNthe3rd, used to define bad players, hackers, and loot goblins in the game Fortnite
Person 1: I'm down! Hurry he's gonna thirst me!!

Person 2: I'm coming!
Person 1: Wow! He finished me, what a cuck lord!!
by Rap Dr Seuss February 11, 2018
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A person who has been dubbed by SJWs to preside over cucking duties.
Cucklord: "Hey man that guy can't be racist he's black!"

Man: "Black people can't be racist?"

Cucklord: "Nah man only white people can. They hold all the power man and have a history of torturing people of color! We gotta stand up against them and their flavorless food man!"

Man: "Wow you really sound like a cucklord"
by circleVIII June 12, 2018
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One who epitomizes the act of cuckholdry. Cucklords accept the fact that they are cucks and encourage others to follow suit. Can also be used in political situations.
Aaron asked me to fuck his 3 sisters and mother while he watched in the corner. What a cucklord!

Jeb! Bush has said multiple times that he'd back the TPP as president. This cucklord wants to hurt our economy!
by JohnMiller69 May 26, 2018
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A man or woman who abuses the word cuck and plays fornite for a living, though never achieving any wins.
Jerry: Yo look, Tom is playing fortnite again
Edward: The dude is such a cucklord
by Cucking and Shucking March 06, 2018
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