A player whose sole intention become a nuisance to others, being as much of a annoyance in any and all ways, using certain tactics and rules to their advantage.
“Stop being such a cucklord” - An average player scalding a knifer in a Modern Warfare Gungame Lobby
by KJDekka August 21, 2021
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Someone in the friend-zone who is actively discrediting other guys who pursuit the girl he likes (I.E the girl who put him in the friend-zone).
Just because Suki put you in the friend-zone, does not mean you have to be a cucklord.
by Horoko Vanguard February 15, 2017
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A guy doing everything for his girl. And if hr doesn't have any, he does everything he can for every girl around him.
He is in a very short lease, and likes to get yelled at like a little bitch .
Omg Winnie! Jakob is suuuch a Cucklord.
You should dump him and go for Chad instead he is such a Stud!
by Dr. Gains July 1, 2019
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A cucklord is usually a kid that loves anal sex and plays Fortnite on the regular, he usually lets his wife's boyfriend fuck his wife with a dildo while he watches. His name is usually Clark or Samuel.
"Oh great my friend Samuel left me to play fortnite again what a fucking cucklord".
by Asian Seagull June 1, 2020
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Cucklord is an external cheat used for the game Minecraft. Cucklord ghost and Cucklord clicker are both viable options for cheating on Minecraft.
Hey bro, I just got caught using Cucklord on Minemen Club
by Gr3aseBall October 21, 2020
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A man or woman who abuses the word cuck and plays fornite for a living, though never achieving any wins.
Jerry: Yo look, Tom is playing fortnite again
Edward: The dude is such a cucklord
by Cucking and Shucking March 7, 2018
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A phrase popularised by You Tube and Twitch streamer InstaltBliss89 referring to Fortnight players who jump suddenly and unexpected because usually they were camping.
This kid jumped out of nowhere,what a cucklord!
by Granturismo7 March 14, 2018
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