To cheekily have anal with somebody
oh my god you just had chanal didn't you!!
by Anal Goddess March 16, 2011
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I'm going home for some chanal
by DHT22 April 17, 2011
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A chanale will be quirky and weird. If you hurt her that will bring out some unresolved anger issues. But she is pretty funny sometimes. Her brain will be the size of a peanut but that has no effect on how big her forehead will be.
Omg did you see chanale the other day?!
No, she was mad that three months ago I broke her nail.
by Slaybabe July 3, 2022
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If you have a Chanally in your life then hold on to her. She has a sparkling ✨ personality and her heart 💓 is filled with everlasting kindness and love ❣ She's more musical than any song and sounds like an angel. Chanallys sometimes have OCD, and can sometimes be quite perfectionistic. They also have the ability to stare into space for hours and not get bored. They keep their friends very close, and people can always rely on Chanally's. Chanallys' tend to put other people’s feelings before theirs, and never take out their anger on other people. They tend to have been through a lot of shit, but no one ever knows. They’re usually quite goofy, but underneath have a very mature heart. Chanally could light up the whole room with her presence around, especially with her humour which not everyone understands. When you’re sad 😔 she always is there to cheer you up and make you laugh 😂. Even if it is midnight she will be there. 💕. Chanally has and glorious smile, glistening eyes and a cute button nose. Hold onto a Chanally if you're blessed enough to have one in your life.
Girl: Is that the girl everyone's been talking about??

Guy: Sure is. That's Chanally

Girl: Can't wait to meet her!
by Ijjub March 12, 2022
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