the button shortcut to copy something on a webpage. Also used the bug the hell out of people in chatrooms.
Ctrl+c that pic man, she's got one fine 244!
by Philip George September 21, 2005
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the only keys on Buzzfeed's keyboards
wow, working for buzzfeed is so easy all i have to do is ctrl+c other sites!!
by OGPancake May 13, 2016
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Someone who copies your original and creative ideas and try to make them there own. AKA a copy cat.
girl 1: I love your myspace!
girl 2: THANKS! I made it myself (:


girl 2: It looks exactly like mine..

girl 1: LIES! Yours is purple mine is GREEN!
girl 2: Your such a CTRL + C!
by TFG! July 31, 2009
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A plagarist's best friend and chatroom sluts' worst nightmares.
<grlegrl> Hork: OMG DO U LIEK CYBER?
<Hork> grlegrl: That is against the site rules oo;
<grlegrl> so?
<grlegrl> lets do it neways
<Hork> Ctrl+C'd and reported
* grlegrl has left {killed: Chatroom Violation} **

Joseph: "Hey Jack, check out this paper I wrote for 3rd hour Social Studies"
* Jack reads paper **
Jack: "Dude, I covered the same topic and when I was researching I went to the Wiki, which you OBVIOUSLY copy and pasted on to this paper!"
Joseph: "Oh noes!"
* God smites Joseph **
by Mister Miser March 29, 2008
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someone that always copys something on the internet and posts that on their blog as there own, usually a chain letter.
Bob typed on his blog " copy and paste this if you hate Fred" and was quickly accused of being a CTRL C er
by kof disturbed October 29, 2009
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A soul-destroying, unskilled, useless and monotonous job whose main task is to press continuously CTRL+C and CTRL+V in order to copy and paste text from one document to another without any clear purpose and without knowing the big picture behind it
In the last year I had a not very interesting CTRL+C CTRL+V job experience in business
by MdB29071988 November 12, 2014
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