Teacher: Today class your going to write an essay.
Student: *ctrl v* DONE!
by GUYwithNOfriends February 1, 2018
Someone who constantly keeps ripping off text or pictures from other sites and posting on a forum.
The Ctrl-V Whore who spams forums incessantly didn't know when to shut the hell up, so his username and IP address got banned from the site.
by Assholes Inc. October 2, 2003
A soul-destroying, unskilled, useless and monotonous job whose main task is to press continuously CTRL+C and CTRL+V in order to copy and paste text from one document to another without any clear purpose and without knowing the big picture behind it
In the last year I had a not very interesting CTRL+C CTRL+V job experience in business
by MdB29071988 November 12, 2014
Hindi Movie concepts copied from Hollywood, British, Korean movies. Essentially Hindi movies copied from any language to make up for the lack of originality, ideas and inherent laziness of script writers and fat cat producers in Popular Hindi Cinema. The only Indianisation that will happen will be an out of place dance number to appeal to the LCD.
Any popular Hindi movie of the last 3 decades. From Sholay to Zinda

Rahul: Hey Hari, "Main Aisa hi hoon" was a great experimental movie.
Hari: Dude, that was a total Ctrl C Ctrl V movie. Didn't u see "I Am Sam".
by Hitesh Shetty January 17, 2006
How to add a gargantuan amount of text to your clipboard VERY quickly.
Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V

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by No one in particularssss July 13, 2010
Ctrl + C/V/Z (CtrlCVZ, Ctrl CVZ) is the worlds only good sonic sprite comic featuring full animation and viewable by an IQ that, on average, is than that of a breakfast bar.
Ctrl + C/V/Z is a sprite comic, but... good.
by MaxX Unlimited September 16, 2003