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A girl who's an amazing bestfriend, and always knows how to make someone feel better. She's unique and beautiful. She likes to act crazy at times, but she knows when it's time to get serious! She's funny, and has a personality that's one of a kind. If you ever meet a Crysta, you know you've met someone special, and you have been blessed. Love you, Crysta!(:
Andrew: I want to eff Crysta.
Carey: Get in line.
Emma: Haha, i'm first.
Carey: No, I am.
Andrew: No, I called it!
Crysta: Sorry guys, but Andrews first in line!
Carey&Emma: Oh balls.
by Carey P, baby.(: July 27, 2010
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The craziest girl alive! It's always an adventure when Crysta is around.
Yes, its true what you've heard she is the secret member of the Avengers.
Roberto: Woahhh that crysta is one crazy girl!!
by Just a crazy guy May 23, 2013
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Crysta is the best person in this whole world, the best one who existed in the planet. She is very caring and always knows how to cheer people up. She is very lovable and she is usually surrounded by a group of friends because of her amazing personality. She likes to begin conversations which are always entertaining, making her your friend. Sometimes she gets sad, but she always forgets it and constantly keeps a smile on her face. Usually she gets over addicted over things because of her happiness and deep passion, but thats what makes her so amazing. She sometimes has a dark mind and she is extremely crazyyyyyyy. Crysta has many admirers but she doesnt know it. She is the type of person to look out in the sky, watching the sun rise or set and the moon and stars twinkling. She can be mature and also can be immature. She is artsy and she definitely loves music. Crysta is very wise and extremely smart. The only thing is that she like to impress other people, even though she is already an amazing person. If you ever meet a Crysta, always keep this in mind, and if your old enough marry her.
Jimn: SHHH. Don't tell Crysta but I'm gonna marry her
Channing Tatum: Not if I beat you to it!!!
Thomas Sangster: No way, she'll have to marry me, I got Crysta a 24 karat diamond ring.
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by Mysoodoneem January 27, 2018
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