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The act of engaging in masturbation while crying over the loss of a partner. Usually engaged in during or after a breakup, or a rejection, or an affair of the heart which has gone wrong. The point of the crying wank is to 'wank' through the tears of sadness over said loved one.

This act is always accompanied with the sound of "Angels" or "She's The One" - Robbie Williams.
(While tears leak from the eyes) Brett - "I can't believe she left me" -sniff- "If there's somebody... calling me on... she's the one..." (The act of ejaculation follows this.) - A typical crying wank after being rejected by the girl of your dreams.
by Justiciar January 05, 2010
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1)To weep whilst engaging in self abuse.

2)To masturbate with a lonely tear in your eye whilst listening to your mate ridin' some bird upstairs
"I got dumped last night.. I felt so shitty that I went home in the rain and had a crying wank on the way..."

"Chapín is a crying wank legend!"
by Ray Mitchell May 20, 2006
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