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A white sock extracted from an adolescent boy's dresser to indulge the young lad's fantasy of having his meat in a sleeve during a spanking session and having that sleeve double as a receptacle and wipe at the end of the spank.

Often used over and over and carefully stashed for privacy, the Crusty Sock crystallizes over time and literally "stands on its own." It is typically at this point that a new Sock is put into commission and the old one is retired.

Once Mom and Dad fell asleep, young Micah pulled out his stack of Porno Mags and spanked his monkey, cleverly containing the evidence within the confines of his trusty, Crusty Sock.
by Alfsonso Muzan November 10, 2010
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A crusty fucking bitch who has bad breath and likes to be pissed on. Slightly into fingers in the bum and he has a wee lil dick. No homo
by 420ur69mum April 09, 2017
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