Crushes are a wonderful feeling. Every time you see that special person your heart beats and you try to hide a smile. You want to stalk him or her. Crushes are also painful. You like this person, a lot, and yet, you may not know if he or she feels the same way. Your best friend may live next door to him or her and be really good friends with your crush, yet every time she or he talks to him or her, it pains you. You think he likes her or she likes him. Then there is the prettiest girl in your class and he sits with her. You may think he likesh er just because he talks to her. Then, the school yeari s coming to a close. You feel really depressed. You just want to scream to him or her: I REALLy like you and hope you feel the same way. Or you really want to know if he or she has the same feelings for you, or if they like someone else. It would help you feel so much better. Sometimes, even though I find it weird, I still cry about all of the emotional problems I'm having. I also obsess over my crush with my friend. We obssess over our crushes together. If you want, you could also write that special person a note and then sign your name. Crushes are wonderful, but very painful, thus the word: crush.
You: I really like so-and-so.
Friend: I know. He's cute. Look there's my so-and-so!
You: lets watch him play basketball.
Friend: FINE
You:ohh look! he has the ball. Oh, he missed, but it was still a nice shot. My crush is adorable!
by S.E.L June 7, 2007
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Crushed crush can mean someone's/you're crush

1. Dates someone else

2. You dont have a crush on that person anymore

3. That person is away or ignoring you

4. Or actually got crushed
Publeo-The person who I like is dating someone else

Sam-damn guess you got a crushed crush
Publeo-guess so
by TheWhiteDeath10 June 23, 2017
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your always think about this person who you admire and would do anything to date them
my "crush" is so cute!
by savai January 14, 2017
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The one person who will single-handedly destroy your existence.
by ckitty9 October 27, 2013
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a person who find really hot, even though shes not, it's really depressing some times, when you realize they dont know, you, it's really fricking sad im so sad im gonna go cry myself to sleep and die and die and die some more, and then you ask them out, just kidding you didn't they have a boyfriend now, and you are so depresseddddddddddddd, oh wait they broke up, now it's your chance, oh wait they got hit by a bus and now their dead... oh wait they came back to life because of your love for them and because they are jesus what the fuck, and then you ask them out, and they say no.
you: heyyyy shawty baeeee <3333

them: who?


them: dylan has a crush on me

their friends: :O
by February 11, 2021
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It's easy to tell if a girl has a crush on you. The first thing to look at is how much interest she shows toward you. This can be gauged in a few different ways; the biggest one is through conversations that you share. When a girl has a crush on you she will have you on her mind more than normal, thus the heightened interest in you and the menial day to day moments of your life. This can be extended to how she talks about you to your friends. Keep an ear open for whether or not she talks about you or asks questions about you to your friends. Another top sign that a girl has a crush on you is the amount of time that she wants to spend with you. While some girls will try to be less obvious and will not call all the time to 'hang out' if a girl has a crush on you she will still jump at most any opportunity that you present for her to spend time with you.
dude I think she has a crush on you
by jazzymomo December 14, 2012
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A boy/girl you think you like but, they probably don't like you back. Someone that crushes dreams.
Me: That's my crush over there.
Friend: Whatever, She won't go out with you.
Me: You're probably right.
by meVasili July 11, 2014
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