An allergic reaction to the oral ingestion of semen can result in crums, low viscosity diarrhea.
"I've got to get my boyfriend to stop cumming in my mouth because every morning I'm filling up the toilet with tons of crums"
by VagFingaz October 30, 2009
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When something is really bad or gross. It's short for crummy.
This place is so crums there's worms coming out of the walls.
by Tolands July 4, 2011
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Bro, I was banging this chick while listening to Coldplay and I ended up crumming, shit was beautiful.
by I am a mouse March 19, 2017
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Your Penis.. A quote from Borat film "Please,Touch my crum"
Borat "Touch my crum..Please, I'll touch your's"
by benuk November 8, 2006
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Someone who is such a lowly human being they do not deserve your time of day.
Jim - "Hey mate, can I borrow $5 for another rum and coke?"

Peter - "Fuck off crum"
by Manets January 24, 2009
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When you cringe and cum at the same time.
Man, that midget porn really made me crum!
by Crummaster69 May 29, 2019
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