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An allergic reaction to the oral ingestion of semen can result in crums, low viscosity diarrhea.
"I've got to get my boyfriend to stop cumming in my mouth because every morning I'm filling up the toilet with tons of crums"
by VagFingaz October 29, 2009
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Your Penis.. A quote from Borat film "Please,Touch my crum"
Borat "Touch my crum..Please, I'll touch your's"
by benuk November 08, 2006
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Someone who is such a lowly human being they do not deserve your time of day.
Jim - "Hey mate, can I borrow $5 for another rum and coke?"

Peter - "Fuck off crum"
by Manets January 24, 2009
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Crum is the alcohol mixture of cream soda^ and rum*. One shot of rum mixed with a bottle of cream soda will make the rum almost tasteless. Typically a 1/3 glass of rum and the rest cream soda will make for an enjoyable harder mixture know as a Pro-V mixture. Ice is not necessarily needed but is preferred.

* Clear brands of Rum are typically used (BACARDIยฎ)
^ IBCยฎ cream soda is the preferred brand.
I needed a quick drunkenness, after mixing a Crum on the rocks my problems melted away.
by captian October 10, 2007
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When you cum and shit crowns your asshole at the same time.
"Man, I wanna finish jacking off but I gotta shit. Oh god, I just crummed.
by Damn, that Dakota killed shrek November 06, 2018
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Someone who is so useless that they can be compared to a crum of bread. A crum is someone who resides in their house all the time and refuses to participate in any galas or events.
Mike "Hey Dom lets go get that chick to come over tonight to my crib"

Dom "Not even worth it bro, that girl is a crum, she ain't leavin her house for a million dollars"
by thekooker December 05, 2010
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