A very friendly drug dealer/stoner that just wants to be your friend and talk about illegal substances all day.
I smoked marijuanna with a cruiz dude.

My best friend is my cruiz drug dealer.
by Joi Bray October 10, 2008
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A closet homosexual pretending to be Alpha Male, looking "cruising" for young impressionable males see T. Cruise
Last night I saw my old coach cruizing the mall for cock-
by the_mink November 2, 2012
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CRUIZE IS A KING, gets multiple women with his dashing mullet. Makes all the females wet. He has the fastest car out of his friend group and he’s proud about it. Don’t step in front of Cruize’s way or YOU’LL get trampled!
Yooo it’s Cruize the big orse
by Mummasboy69 November 23, 2021
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