When watching others have sex in a car, you climb up on the roof and take a dump through the open sunroof. Extra points are awarded if it lands in a cup holder.
Whilst at his favourite dogging site, Rob noticed the open sunroof of the Vauxhall Vectra... a sign the couple inside were willing participants for a good crowing!!
by Dodgy Foreigner October 20, 2018
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A Verb

Origin: First appeared in the central Texas; more commonly used in the lexicon of particular kind of Austin Folk.

It is believed to have been coined by a young lady named Meagan Heeren

Definition: To make constant and humorous mistakes.
Usage: Man i missed the dam exit.. totally crowing it up right now.
by lord of coco cabana! May 05, 2011
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Someone that can’t do basic things and repeats their mistakes. They also eat other people’s food.
Look at that lady using an elliptical backwards. That must be a Crowe
by Wrangler11 March 19, 2019
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Brandon Lee is the man. The crow is one of the 5 best movies of all time. It's about a young man named Eric Draven who gets murdered along with his fiance' by a gang. He is then brought back from the dead by a crow and procedes to kick some fuckin ass. Brandon was killed during the making of this movie by a dummy bullet that had gotten lodged in the barrel of a prop gun. When the gun was used, the blank had enough power to shoot the round out.
"here funboy"
by Joe May 01, 2004
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One of the single most awesomest movies ever created. it had everything a movie needs...love, death, revenge, vengance, hate, and the tragic death of its gorgeous star Brandon Lee. He died so young...gunshot wound from a prop gun...sad. very sad. the movie was in its final days of filming. he was to be married 12 days later or something like that.
Victims...aren't we all?
by fallen_star_siren April 08, 2004
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The elite technique of masturbating with the inside of your elbow.
Kyle: Oh shit, you hear about Devin?
Alex: What about him about him?
Kyle: He got admitted into the hospital for scoliosis.
Alex: What the fuck, how?
Kyle: He was trying the Crow. Poor kid couldn't handle it yet.
by shiznit1707 February 09, 2009
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