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Vectra is a stats bot on Swiftirc. it's being used by lots of ppl in their channels, mainly to look up info (Mainly based on RuneScape)
Vectra (Vectra@Eats.Your.Sharks)

<%Vectra> Vectra MMORPG bot by Xotick, Jeffreims and Terror_nisse ~> ID 00 ~> Invited by Invite system ~> Don't want me here? Type !part Vectra ~> For help go to ~> To see the latest news and updates go to ~> For general help come visit us in #Vectra
by Vectra@Eats Your Sharks August 10, 2008
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Vectra is a Runescape stats bot run on Swiftirc. Used by thousands of people, it is one of the most popular bots.
The proper term for Vectra stats bot is: It kicks ass
by [Sooth] August 09, 2008
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A sad attempt at making a new Cavalier
A shit Vauxhall Cavalier usually driven by persons named Martin.

You don't need breakdown cover as they don't breakdown...............yeah right
by Ows February 27, 2005
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