Any other living thing that does not belong in the genital area.
by David Glenn F. December 18, 2005
Things or living organisms living and/or growing within a females genitals that can induce a nasty smell or disgusting look to the pussy.
You'd better avoid fucking her, she's got some nasty crotch critters and you don't want to catch them!

by ChickensBitch October 27, 2003
Bugs or crabs that infest the nether regions of people that have seriously bad hygene whether they be male or female.
by Judy February 2, 2004
Children, especially unpleasant ones.
Oh, no, here come the Breedersons and their ill-behaved litter of crotch critters again.
by Miz Daisy Cutter April 16, 2006
I was going to have sex with her until her crotch critters started dancing
by Mach 4 December 27, 2011
These microscopic organisms inhabit deep jungles within the feminine private parts of hookers, sluts and everyday whores. WARNING: Do not obtain this brutal critters. They will infest your crotch and inflame your flesh.
Boy: Want to have sex tonight?
Girl: No. I have Sabertooth Crotch Critters.
Boy: Oh...
by DoctorDong July 18, 2010
Slang for lice on or in your pubic hair region.
Justine and Richy couldn't stop scratching themselves because their african crotch critters were bugging them.