4 definitions by ChickensBitch

A slang term primarily used in New York describing an item or event that is great, or awesome.
Man, that movie was some Dope Shit!
by ChickensBitch October 27, 2003
Originally Latin meaning "quod erat demonstrandum" or "which was to be shown or proven", now used mainly by physics students to insult someone when something is proven wrong or false, typically with the words Mother Fucker added for effect.
Ha! Your wrong.. QED mother fucker!
by ChickensBitch October 27, 2003
Things or living organisms living and/or growing within a females genitals that can induce a nasty smell or disgusting look to the pussy.
You'd better avoid fucking her, she's got some nasty crotch critters and you don't want to catch them!

by ChickensBitch October 27, 2003
skilled gamer; needs life
secretly worshipped by many; they need lives
disappeared for long period of time; probably found life
a:omg josh doesnt wanna go play sc with us
b:calls josh* c'mon dont be a HoRnY-hYdRaLiSk
by ChickensBitch January 9, 2005