A sport designed for people who like the cold, hills and exercise induced asthma. Some find it fun, but for most it closely resembles some form of personal hell. It is very common to have some type of traumatic childhood experience associated with a forest, the cold, exhaustion and having wooden boards strapped to your feet. Although frequently associated with old people, and knits, it is the second most popular winter sport globally. The vast majority of racers are men.

Oh yeah, and it also is the sport that produces the most fit athletes. Period.
Person 1: Hey want to go cross country skiing?
Person 2: HELL NO! When I was 12, my mom took me cross country skiing, and it was so hard and tiring and I almost died. I swore I would NEVER do that again.
by rr123 February 3, 2012
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1. A recreational sport in which people tour through wooded trails at a leisurely pace.

2. A grueling competitive sport in which skiers, using classical or freestyle technique, try their best to mentally and physically outperform other skiers. Europe, especially Scandinavia, tends to have the best skiers.

3. A high school and college sport (assuming you live in a snowy enough area) that tends to attract cross country runners, soccer players, attractive girls, and, in my experience, Latin students.
Cross country skiing is a nice way to get around.

Thousands of cross country skiers compete in the American Birkebeiner in Cable, Wisconsin.

Cross country skiing is a good way to meet women.
by Zeke April 22, 2006
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When a girl gives two handjobs simultaneously, which consequently, makes her arms move in the way cross country skiers' arms move with their ski poles.
Jim: "After a long day of snowboarding, Carl and I took Susie back to my chalet for a little cross country skiing"
by Evil B April 28, 2006
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Running in the snow with ski gear on
Person 1: Wanna go cross-country skiing???
Person 2: Yea hold on lemme go get my running shoes and ski gear
by Lynn Bobble April 4, 2019
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When a girl jacks off two johnsons simultaneously so fucking fast it looks like she is in Northern Vermont trekking through 8ft of powder.
Did you see Rease at the rugby party last night, she didnt move from her seat on the couch all night, she must have been cross country skiing for miles sitting there
by thatyoung1 June 9, 2009
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It is a tough demanding sport that was invented in the late 1800 as a way for gay men who, at the time, were opressed, to gather in the wild and share their gay pride with one another. Traditionaly every cross country ski trip would end with a hotel room rental up north and a violent sausage fest before having to go back to their normal lives. The sport has however changed today. now they use wooden boards that they strap to their feet. In motion, the skiier is moving his hands in a handjob-like fashion which is no mistake, it is to honor the gay men that skied before them. the sausage fest however is still practiced among all cross country skiers and it is here to stay.
look at that nerd over there with his oxford shoes, he forsure goes cross country skiing on his free time

his father was married and had a family but decided he would become a cross country skier.
by snoopy360 November 25, 2012
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An excellent alternative for people too old and/or scared to learn downhill skiing. It is usually done by nordic style walking on trails, some that go up or downhill, or waxed skis that allow you to ski like you're ice skating. Many cold weather cities have beautiful and pleasant trails.
cross-country skiing
by waspcoloredstain November 30, 2013
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