It's a celebration of fortune, and can be used as a way to signal your stressed nature.
by Chomusuke28 July 15, 2020
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1. A place where many people gather on the web ie. Chat Room.
2. Something that is inheriantly awesome
1. Lets all meet in the Croom and get random
2. Punching emo's is as Croom as an Assclown.
by The Assclown King October 06, 2006
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Old definition: To be fired for losing to Sylvester Croom's lousy Mississippi State Bulldogs that went only 9-25 from 2004-06.

New definition: To get your ass kicked by Sylvester Croom's newer, more talented Bulldogs that are no longer the biggest joke in the SEC.
Old definition: Ron Zook and Mike Shula got Croomed from Florida and Alabama, respectively.

New definition: Mississippi State Croomed the state of Alabama this year, as the Bulldogs beat Alabama, Auburn, and UAB. There isn't a better example of pwnage of a single state in college football than that.
by Devveyovich November 13, 2007
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To be fired as head coach after losing to a inferior team.
"Mike Shula was croomed after losing to Mississippi State."
by tr23 December 01, 2006
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Crazy school with teh broken laptops.
Crooms is teh nutzo
by MEarnhardtfan December 04, 2003
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Croome is the Hungarian word to describe someone who is talented, has extrodinary powers or has intelligence above a normal amount.
I certian parts of hungary this word is used to describe people who are in power.
"she is a croome"
"Ive never seen such a croome"
by JCJC October 31, 2007
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