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1. croog - a service that is offered by a croogster for sale
"Indonesian designers offer some amazing UI design Croogs at a very low cost"


2. croogster - is a person who is geographically independent and consistently receives freelance projects, rather than working full time on a regular salary basis as an employee

"We don't have enough funds to hire another employee. It would be wiser to outsource the work to a croogster"

3. crooging - the ability to earn from digital media by receiving freelance projects consistently is called Crooging.

"I think crooging is a good reason for you to quit your job, you can easily travel around the world and work at the same time."

verb (used without object), crooging.
4. crooging - to act or work as a croogster:
"The designer used to be an employee for us but is crooging now."

Origin of croog - croogster
"I searched for content writing croogs on Google and found the best way to get my Articles done"
by Willis Shakespeare November 10, 2016
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an untruthful person with little respect
“I told her not to tell jack what i said and then she did.”
“what a fucking croog.”

“omg he is the biggest croog around here
by disgurlizonfiya June 15, 2018
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1. A small, annoying little person, who talks about unimportant things all day.
2. A name you call your best friend, because even though they annoy you, you love them.

This word was founded by Alex.
1. ALEX: I bet I was a Pokemon in my past life.
LAURA: You're such a croog.

2. ALEX: I love you, Laura.
LAURA: I love you too, you little croog.
by AlexSex February 25, 2006
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