A. a crook who works for a boss. a low level mobster or henchmen usually old and experienced.
B. Used in England for meaning someone who is old and especially ugly known to carry canes. for waving at ppl and hitting them.
A. See that crony over there, he's gonna come over here with that golf club and make a hole in one on your head unless u pay me now.
B: That old crony was so mad she waved his cane in my face and told me to fuck off...Well i took her cane and went upside her head.
by Dv8umofo October 27, 2009
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Two or more friends who constantly hang around you.
Like a ballsack.
These friends typically smell bad/look dirty all the time.
Preppy guy at school: "Look at John. Always hanging with his cronies."

John: "They're hanging with ME."
by Miley Wilson March 08, 2014
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Oh, It's a derogatory term used to describe heathen henchmen like ourselves who reside in the lowest level of authority.
P1: Maybe we should hide it. Someplace like the Forbidden Forest of Kongo Bongo. No one will find it.
P2: You mean the lizards?
P1: Yeah, King K Rool and his cronies (sing. crony).
by Drirton March 28, 2018
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