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A. a crook who works for a boss. a low level mobster or henchmen usually old and experienced.
B. Used in England for meaning someone who is old and especially ugly known to carry canes. for waving at ppl and hitting them.
A. See that crony over there, he's gonna come over here with that golf club and make a hole in one on your head unless u pay me now.
B: That old crony was so mad she waved his cane in my face and told me to fuck off...Well i took her cane and went upside her head.
by Dv8umofo October 27, 2009
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a psycho, someone who see's bugs that aren't really there, the amount the person looks around at nothing psychotically determines how bugged out he is. Someone who is really bugged out see's bugs appear then dissapear all over his field of vision only experiencing fleeting moments of relief then panic as he turns his head to realize they are reappear somewhere else. Being bugged out also traces back to christian/devil worship, people who are plagued by more demons witness more bugs.
-yo that kid is bugged out!

-Na he's just a crack head

-same thing

by dv8umofo January 14, 2009
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