1. To be hanging out with someone but not officially going out with them.

2. An in between not going out with someone and going out with them.
I am cromulating with her/him.

She/He is my cromulant.
by John Doe42nite October 16, 2008
Cromulence is when a word/situation/subject seems realistic and plausible, but is actually entirely made up.
Why is economic and political stability in Africa so cromulent?
by Dinoclaire101 September 5, 2019
Over use of spray paint. Particularly many different colours seen together.
The graffiti was a cromulent and nauseating disgrace.
by Brett Burton April 23, 2003
The flapping and clapping of one's butt cheeks during the act of passing wind.
His cromulations were extra bubbly, so he knew he should go to the bathroom now or risk an incident.
by archiweirdo January 5, 2023