Croats (Croatian: Hrvati) are a South Slavic people mostly living in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and nearby countries. There is a notable Croat diaspora in western Europe, the Americas, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The Croats are predominantly Catholic and their language is Croatian.
by Croatian King September 2, 2006
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The Croats, a Slavic nation.
Croats or Hrvati.
by Drazen April 25, 2004
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by Jiff Gat0 April 28, 2019
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dayummmm she must be a croat :O ;)
by Zeljko lalalavic December 15, 2009
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The word Croat, is used to define a person of Croatian Ancestry (Hrvati). This is one of the oldest Slavic groups to have migrated into Central Europe during the period of the Great Slavic Migrations in the 6th and 7th Century AD. They occupy a small stretch of land in a shoe shape, encompassing the Eastern part of the Adriatic Coast, Eastward to the Border of Serbia, and Northward to Slovenia and Hungary. The people of this country once controlled much of modern-day Southern Hungary (Pannonian Plains), Vovjodina (Serbia), the entirity of Bosnia and Hercegovina, Parts of Austrian Karinthia and the entire Montengrin Seaboard, which was known at the time as "Red Croatia,' or Paganistic Croatia, those who had not accepted Christianity. It should also be mentioned that the modern day Croatian borders were the same as they were during the height of the Ottoman Empire, Croatia was the frontier for the Christian and Western world against this aggression which had already swallowed Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece and Romania and was threatening Austria and Hungary (Later conquered). These valant Croats died, so that other Christians may live in freedom in Vienna, Rome and Paris. Which all contributed and also paid a hefty price against the Turks.
That man is a Croat...
by Horvathos Kresimir April 7, 2004
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One of Croatian background or ethnicity. Even if born in another country, if his parents are both of Croatian background/ethnicity, he is a Croat. Which is nothing bad.
Zlatko is a Croat from Dalmatia, but that Marijana is half Serbian, dirty skank.
by Croatian Sensation April 26, 2006
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Person who is from or descends from the Republic of Croatia. They are are a slavic group of people that migrated to the area in the 7th century AD. They were at the front of the Ottoman conquest in the Balkans which lead to disunity and loss of much of their lands. They later became under Austro-Hungarian rule until they were united with their fellow South-Slavic brothers Yugoslav/Serbs.

During WW2 the Croats joined the Nazis thinking that they would join the winning side and gain land and independence and created an Independent Fascist Croat Regime (Ustase)which lead to the backstabbing of their slav brothers. This lead to the ethnic cleansing of Serbs much like that of the Jews in Concentration camps such as the notorious Jasenovac camp.

After the loss of the axis powers Croatia was still under Yugoslavia with Tito keeping everything under control. Tensions from the past world wars were still fresh between Croats and Serbs and after the death of Tito they declared independence. After a long war in 1991 they displaced as many non Croats as they could from their land and became their own country recognized by the world.

There are around 9 million Croats in the world with many in Bosnia (much of their own land) and Germany. More than half of their population doesn't live in Croatia due to their long history of conflict.
His mom is a Croat and his dad is a Serb.
by Freeeeeeeeeedom March 1, 2009
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