2 definitions by SockEater

1. The act of assessing something of someone;
2. Criterion's arch nemesis. He owns his own line of cereal and is in constant competition with Criterion. He likes to eat anything that will pass through his fairly hard, yet rubbery body.
Isarena: It's...Assessment! He's come to destroy Criterion's fame and fortune!
Mimi: Gosh!
by SockEater September 6, 2006
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There are two meanings for 'criterion'.

1. A series of criteria set out on an assignment sheet, usually found in a high school setting;
2. A fictional character brought to life in a Legal Studies class at a Queensland private school. Criterion has a small round body with large teeth. He is also the promoter of Criterion Cereal which can be found at your local supermarket. Criterion has an arch nemesis known as Assessment.
Girl: Oh my GOSH! You just ate a criterion!
Boy: I did not, my Chemistry assignment is still in my bag, you idiot.
by SockEater September 6, 2006
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