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When you can't tell whether someone is a human or a robot.
A combination of 'android' and 'androgyny.'
With their costumes and electronic music, Daft Punk defines androigyny for me.

She has such beautiful eyes, but yet I've never seen her blink. There's a little androigyny going on with her.

Here's my problem with the Terminator movies: Arnold Schwarzenegger is a robotic actor playing a robot pretending to be a human. Talk about androigyny!
by cheecheejotchers June 3, 2011
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adjective used to describe something completely awesome; greatest of the great.

A nerd reference to The Criterion Collection, a company founded in 1984 that distributes "authoritative" consumer versions of important classic and contemporary films by many of the world's most important directors.
Mom, you've outdone yourself this Thanksgiving. That meal was totally Criterion.

Believe me, Sarah is a Criterion lay.
by cheecheejotchers October 22, 2008
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