Nickname is Alex.

Someone who likes sketching and painting whilst listening to Kpop} and ignoring her brothers.

A very nice but strange friend who thinks it's funny to make her friends like BTS (and such) and watch as it slowly takes over their lives.

Does not like Jackson Holloway because he is quite annoying and is a jerk.
Jennifer Cristen is weird.
I can see why Jennifer Cristin likes Kpop now.
Jennifer Cristen ruins her friend's life with BTS.
by KyojintheArtist November 10, 2017
he skinny and play sports he might smoke but who knows for sure... but in the end he is a cool person
by January 9, 2022
Cristine is the most beautiful and amazing Person you will ever met. Once you’ve met her, there is no going back from falling in love with her more and more. She is funny, intelligent, a shoulder to lean on and probably the most fun person you’ve ever met. Cristine fills an entire room with joy the second she steps into it.

There is no bad bone in here body. Everything she does, she does with good and pure intentions.

Once you’ve become a friend or a lover from Cristine you will get know what true friendship/love means.
She is breathtaking and gorgeous.

You wouldn’t want to lose her, because you’d lose the joy of life.
Cristine is the best
by Lyt November 21, 2021
The act of shooting your second load of the day onto the bottom of a woman’s foot, only for her to go outside and run around in the mud; before urging a passing dog to lick it clean
I can’t believe Lucy did a Dirty Cristin last night…she looked like she loved it!!
by AFilthyPast August 20, 2021