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Slang term used to define a person of mixed Asian and Mexican descent. Originates from Kellogg's Crispix® Cereal, which is advertised as "Corn on one side, rice on the other."
"Dude, what's up with the new kid, Javier Cortés-de-Fujisaki? Is he a crispix or somethin'?"
by Pickle Pete March 13, 2004
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to crispix, verb.
Strapping a small, defensless animal (preferably a rodent) into a toy vehicle and chucking said vehicle down a flight of stairs.
My little brother crispixed his hamster, and it was twitching for three days!
by The Ghost of Crispix-Past July 16, 2003
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Reaching a level of extreme drunkenness that causes you to perform silly actions.
Man last night I was so crispix that I walked all the way home from this club after only being there for a short time.
by Dia Vandy February 08, 2009
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