A readiness to believe something without sound evidence or just because a person wants it to be so.
by Brian A. Stevens June 24, 2008
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A person who is too credulous and just believes everything they see on the internet.
Stupid credulants, clogging up Facebook with all their hoaxes and virus warnings and stuff. Why don't they just think for a bit first?
by Bdoserror October 26, 2011
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readiness to trust or believe especially on unsubstantial evidence
The parliamentarian new most of his constituent was credulous and could take advantage of that in the upcoming referendum
by Gabriel McNair Nyamekye September 27, 2013
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Credulence: the state of having a viable credit status in the midst of an economic disaster.
"While his neighbors dodged repo men, Gordon smugly bragged about his credulence in the middle of the 21st century's first recession."
by FrankyJames December 22, 2009
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Complete and utter reliance on and trust in Internet research and online content; a tendency to believe everything read on the Web or seen posted, tweeted or pinned on Facebook or Twitter and the like; unquestioning belief in every story, legend, or dire warning that shows up on the web or in one's inbox
"Web credulity of generation Z"
"But I had more web credulity in those days than I have got now."
"S/he suffers from web credulity."
"With his web credulity he'd flunk any College's Internet gullibility test."
"Don't be so web credulous!"
by ninotchka2 October 16, 2013
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Easily believing the words of someone, even when they're lying or exaggerating.
Leading to misconception of this person, especially if there's no emotional attachment to them. Often later finding out they aren't as truthful as you first thought.
Credulous :(
by Wallaceville September 09, 2020
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Meaning someone who will believe the media but they wont believe the person who was in those events
Person : I just saw the news bigfoot came too town
Other person no he didnt he was in some woods
Person:how would you know? Were you there?
Other person :yeah
Person: yeah right
Other person: great if it weren't for that credulous bias people would investigate
by kouconut July 22, 2021
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