Vivacious red headed girl with a mind as sharp as a whip and a smouldering Swedish spy sense of dress.
Tell me that Nordic voluptuous flame haired beauty in front of the firing squad is not a Creaky from Paris!
by osan boy June 16, 2013
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Krig 6 user
Going to Afghanistan

Got to get real
Creaky you need to get real, your going to war
by TimTheTiger April 24, 2021
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When a women's vagina hasn't had any sexual intercourse or pleasure for a while.
'I haven't had any sexual pleasure since Dave, it's starting to become a creaky door'
by Emzo19 May 8, 2016
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Tribe leader
Grandsons a noob but going to war in Afghanistan
Creakys grandad is a tribe leader in nigeria
by TimTheTiger April 24, 2021
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Where one has a fart on the mic and tries to play it off as being their window creaking.
Commonly found when playing on PlayStation 4 when talking to friends.
"Oh my god. My windows CREAKING again."
"Alright, Whos got a Creaky Window?"
"My WINDOW just CREAKED again."
by NinjaDave February 12, 2018
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(n.) urine that is unnatural in color. Generally seen after a penis has spent too much time in and/or around an asshole.
I just took the most glorious creaky pee of my life.
by looby jew January 2, 2009
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A code for men. Referring to a heavily used woman; with a stretched and possibly odorous vaginal canal.
Hey bro watch out for Rebecca she is a creaky barn door.

Dude I got laid at the party last night. "Yeah but she's a creaky barn door bro." Ah fuck.

Her legs spread open and you come to the realization that she's a creaky barn door. Shut that door and run like hell.
by ObviousDailyLingo January 26, 2016
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