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1. In the book and movie "The Hunt for Red October", a sharp turn made by a Russian submarine to look behind it with sonar.

2. By analogy, any quick, unexpected and radical change in direction, literally or metaphorically.
1. Dammit, she's pulling a Crazy Ivan! All stop!

2. Dammit, they're out of tickets. Crazy Ivan--let's go to the bar.
by Brent Dax May 01, 2005
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In bicyclist's lingo, a jogger who suddenly turns around without looking after reaching a mileage goal, usually with headphones on. If the crazy ivan is executed just as a cyclist is passing, it can be a dangerous maneuver, as the jogger is changing lanes to go the other direction. A jogger with headphones on may not hear an audible pass warning from a cyclist.
On the trail today, some runner did a crazy ivan and almost hit me. Idiot!
by Grizzlybike May 10, 2015
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When a jack ass driving on the highway realizes they are going to miss their exit at the last second cuts across three lanes of traffic to make it with complete disregard of other drivers on the road. Usually causing extreme cases of road rage. Taken from the movie The hunt for red October.
CRAZY IVAN!!!!! Jim did you see that as***le cut me off? I almost spilled my beer!!!
by wfbi March 01, 2011
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When you are behind a women with a terrific are staring at it....she does the unexpected(it's like they have a sixth sense or something)turns around and catches you looking, making you feel like some kind of perv.

Comes from the unexpected turn a Soviet boomer would do to try to catch a U.S. sub coming up from behind.
Wow!! Did you see the turdcutter on that chick. I was enjoying the scenery but she pulled a crazy ivan on me!!
by Hunch December 03, 2006
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Leave point A heading towards plan B.
Upon reaching A & 1/2, make a sharp right and head towards a Crazy Ivan-- i.e. plan C, or... the Crazy Ivan. Usually introduced by the most devious member of your clan...
1. Stick with the plan, or Crazy Ivan?

2. Last night we were headed to the Ruby Room, but we Crazy Ivan'd and ended up in Santa Cruz!!!
by eakthemonkey May 17, 2004
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comrade, that was a wonderful crazy ivan last night. stalin would be proud.
by mantic March 19, 2003
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The practice of snorting Vodka up ones nose from the underside of a shot glass...
Turn a shot glass upside down, fill the divet in the bottom with vodka... Brace yourself, and rail that..... Ta-da!! CRAZY IVAN!!
by LargeLeprechaun July 16, 2012
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