When used in the context of video games, Cratering refers to taking damage and/or dying from falling. Refers to the idea that when an object hits another object at high speed (in this case, your body hits the ground) it leaves a crater.
Hooray cratering into water when a death knight has waterwalking on.
by Shaytan November 15, 2016
When things go to shit or fall apart. Often used in I.T.
"Hey, are you coming for lunch?"
"Can't my fucking application is cratering and I need to fix it..."
by MaDMaN_26 March 23, 2007
a place in the woods of east milton, massachussetts. the number 1 drinking and partying spot in milton. usually every year assholes from quincy come there and do something to stir up trouble and cause the cops patrol it hardcore for a couple weeks/months, and ruin everyones weekends. the ground is covered in empty cans, broken bottles, roaches, blunts, and empty tins. legendary spot.
dude, lets go crush some stews and skom at the crater, and maybe try to get some action from the ladies.

ya dude, hopefully the cops wont be around to bopp kids and steal their packies.

yopp yopp!!!! east milton!
by jacorrey Lewis November 30, 2011
Verb. To fall as if from a great height, hit the ground with a significant impact, and end up below ground level. Used figuratively to describe a severe downturn in popularity, reputation, value, etc.
The president's approval rating really cratered after the latest scandal.

My stock portfolio cratered during the tech sector implosion a few years back.
by Evac156 February 22, 2005
The premier drinking spot in all of Massachusetts, everyone in the state knows about it. Located in East Milton. Hundreds of high school kids go every weekend, gas beers, and get absolutely buckled. Legendary spot. Huge fires and huge crowds of absolute studs.

Background info : back in the day, the Milton kids used to stew at the quarries. Then they built granite links golf course in the early 2000s, so they needed a new spot. That's how the cratah was born. Whoever discovered this spot is literally Jesus Christ. The real MVP. Ever since then, its been nothin but full sends.
"Wanna hang in Emil tonight?"

"Ya for sure."

"Word. We're hittin the crater. Bring sauce, and pack a lunch, it's gonna get wild."
by Timmmaaayyyy October 4, 2018
When a man with a large pot belly wears a shirt that is too tight causing his belly button to make a massive indent in the middle of his stomach resembling a crater on the moon. Generally this man believes that he is incredibly sexy when he is actually disgusting and will compensate by driving BMWs and talking highly of himself. In rare occasions he will also wear "titty shirts" to accentuate his figure and perpetually hard nipples.
Man, did you see TK's crater in the meeting the other day? It looked like an asteroid had crashed into his stomach.
by Soup Lover August 5, 2008
Name for a scar with deep valleys, flat plateaus, and steep mountain ridges residing just above the lip.
Man 1: "If I were tan, would I be different? Because paleness is the only thing I have going for me!"
Man 2: "I don't know, but you would still have the crater!"
by Craterdude72829 January 20, 2010