A cranberry (or cran-tastic) river.
"Dude, what's the best thing than water?"
"Drinking from the Cranbrook"
by tim hortons mcfly March 3, 2009
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K-12 school district. Known for being over priced. pARENTS PAY OVER 35,000 PER semester. The teens here are stuck up. The boys are all tools and most likely some kinda caption for a team. The girls are most likely to be found at the mall on the weekends or cruising the streets of bloomfield in their pink car from daddy. The foriegn kids are made fun of and disincluded. Most people that graduate from here end up at Harvard or Yale. half the kids are fucked up for life and end up broke and asking for money at age 60. That is if their daddy hasnt given them a inheritance.
Cranbrook boarding school.
by Jago87 January 31, 2011
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When one deliberately roast or makes fun of somebody for really any reason at all, religion, race, ideology, and even school.
Yo did you see that, Papa Doc just got Cranbrooked.

But I know something about you You went to Cranbrook, that's a private school. " Yo he got Cranbrooked."
by Real-Slim November 6, 2017
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Otherwise known as dink town due to the large population of dinks.
Can you give me a ride to dink town? I need to go to walmart.

Have you ever heard of Cranbrook b.c.? Ya, I know where dink town is.
by Keith Stones June 19, 2011
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Hockey or trucks?? pick one. if you don’t you better learn how to skateboard and buy a breeze. drink of choice?? hey y’alls. it doesn’t matter if you’re a hick, a skid or a hockey kid. there’s nothing to do here except go for a drive with your friends around gold creek or go for a late night Don’s run. everyone claims they hate it here and want to move to the coast after they graduate but after a few years at the college they become stuck here, just like their parents. every hoe that lives here has a snapchat score of at least a million. there’s such an awful selection of people to date that you have to start looking for people that are at least 3 years apart in age from you. there’s at least 10 lg’s at every party. speaking of parties, people love having them at random lakes 20 mins out of town. this place isn’t special.
Cranbrook BC kids are skids.
by countryboyiloveyou666 September 14, 2018
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Well known as a terrible town to live, you probably got stuck here when your parents spent all their money on crack and couldn't leave, if you're a teenager you're probably doing drugs by the age of 11, the parties are terrible and everyone in this town are either faggots, junkies, or have some sort of mental disability. People here probably shouldn't have kids.

Either way, do not come to Cranbrook. You'll regret it and waste your money. People who are reading this are probably in Cranbrook, so please, MOVE AWAY.
Cranbrook B.C. is the worst place you could live in Canada.
by BryFuckingWroteThis October 23, 2018
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A school for Guyz in Sydney Australia...

Everyonez so cool and relaxed and everyone getz along...

They're HEAPS GOOD at everything and scares the crap out of you when you have to play sport against them...

Did I mention there LEGENDS!!
Kambala Chick: Hey did you go to Cranbrook School:

Cranbrook Guy: Yeh?

Kambala Chick: Letz have SEX!!

Cranbrook Guy: Why not??
by Zacquire November 20, 2008
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