Bad-tempered or irritable. Northern expression from the Rochdale/Littleborough area.
"What's with his face he looks crammed" "Cheer up crammed arse" .
by Beatz73 November 30, 2017
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When someone has the best of intentions but screws up and makes your life or job harder.
Glenn forgot to install that light fixture. Now we have to cut open up the ceiling. He really crammed us on this job.
by D-Webs March 23, 2018
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in a tight space , feeling claustrophobic or to fit a lot in.
That Train was crammed

i felt crammed in during that interview

I crammed a years worth of revising into a week , with the aid of strong coffee.
by not a fool September 1, 2007
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After preforming a Wet Danny (Posted by Nicky Caesar & Vinnie Cazzo) to add the crammed effect you must do some things. First you must push your penis up into the womens vagina very hard to put her in a vertical position. After that you must get on top of the toilet seat and push her downwards with the continueos thrusts of your penis. You shall not be able to get her far into the toilet but as far as you can get. Now she is quite crammed into the toilet. Now you must flush you toilet and you can add some effect by pissing on her or shitting on her. If you piss on her you can call it a Easily Sliding Cram, and if you shit on her it can be called a Rash Cram.
I asked a prostitute to come over to my house for some hardcore annahilation. She agreed and when she got there, i crammed her nicely.
by Father Christmas November 4, 2004
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A little mushy substance you put between your gums. Available in 3 distinct flavors: Raspberry, Berry, VERY Berry. Can be used in the making of weaponry: Must be laid in the sun for a fortnite to become harder than steel. The opposite of Cram is Mark. Cram costs 20 gold coins per bucket. A Cram sword costs 50 gold coins.
“I am selling ‘Cram’ for 20 gold coins.”
“Laid in the sun for a fortnite it can become harder than steel, ‘Cram’ sword.”
by _cvyper August 9, 2019
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A little mushy substance you put in between your gums. It's not dip though, don't think it's dip. Comes in many different flavors. Raspberry Cram, berry Cram, and very berry Cram. Sold by the bucket. You will receive Cram upon payment of 20 Gold coins
If you lay Cram in the sun for a fortnite it will be harder than steel.
by AWildOcelot September 7, 2019
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A little sticky substance that you put in between your gums but it’s not dip though, don’t think it’s dip
Ted: would you like some cram
Carson: no I don’t want your wares.
Ted: CrAm!
by Gbroski August 21, 2019
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