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The sound any horned animal makes when it butts something in voiceovers videos made my comedian Tony Baker.

by progeny October 28, 2018
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v. the act of attempting to learn large ammounts of information in a short period of time, esp. for a test in high school or college.
Craming for tests is less effective than studying far in advance, but also less time consuming.
by Isaac Brown December 11, 2003
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v.: To study for a test in the last remaining minutes. A tactic prefered by many students worldwide.
Person I: Did you study, Person II?
Person II: Nope.
Person I: Then why do you have your book out?
Person II: Im cramming.
by Can_I_Use_S P A C E S? June 03, 2003
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a verb meaning to 'cram' your mind with lots of info esp. for a test or an exam

key pieces of info i.e formulas and important aspects the fundamentals e.t.c are known as crammables (cram-a-bull's)
1: how did you find the test
2: it was aiight i crammed last night

1: have u revised for tomorrow
2: no but im gonna do alot of cramming

im gonna cram the hell outta this test

when you fail: damn i knew i shoulda revised properly and not just crammed
by doodeyboob May 10, 2009
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A synonym for anal sex between two men, or between any combination of man and little boy. Used both as a noun and a verb.
I had so much cram with Jimmy from across the street yesterday. I think his parents are mad at me or something

May I cram you, prease?
by TheLoudestFan October 15, 2008
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A game where the object is to grab someone's unsuspecting head and force their face into your crotch.
by joey pollipo July 18, 2006
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