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Scottish late-night tv host, who also acts and writes novels. The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson can be seen at 12:35/11:35c on CBS, after Letterman.

Despite not having a band or "A-list" guests, Craig is consistently funny 5 days a week, with improvised monologues, puppets, viewer emails, and sketches. He frequently does sketches about Sean Connery, Michael Caine, and Prince Charles.

Craig has also been in The Drew Carey Show, and has written two novels: Between The Bridge and the River, and his autobiography American on Purpose, which comes out on September 22, 2009.

In my opinion, the best late-night tv show out there.
1. Friend: "Want to come to my house for a party tonight?"
Me: "No thanks, I'll be watching Craig Ferguson"

2. Apartment above me: "Ughhh we can't sleep because they're laughing so loud at Craig Ferguson. Maybe we should watch him.....*turn tv on*......BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"
by scubasaurus July 31, 2009
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Scottish comedian on late-night-TV, whose show airs after Letterman. His humor is characterized by anecdotes about his years in Scotland or his alcoholism, running jokes about the likes of OJ, Bill Clinton, and Elton John, and catchphrases such as "Remind you of anyone?" and "Sit down, relax, take off your pants."
Craig Ferguson: Sit down, relax, take off your pants. (pause) You too, ladies.
Me: This guy is great.
Anyone nearby: Whatever you say.
by typacsk January 12, 2009
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THE funniest late night talk show host right now. He's genuine, he strays from the same-ole' stuff of Conan, Jay and Dave, and he's just hilarious. It's worth staying up late to watch him.
Person 1: "Did you see Craig Ferguson last night?"
Person 2: "Nope, I watched Jay Leno."
Person 1: "Oh...Jay...that's a perfect way to waste time. Craig is an actual comedian."
by shlamadiggity February 13, 2010
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Scottish actor, author, and comedian. Hilarious, flirty, and the sexiest man alive. Has the ability to cause spontaneous orgasms, as well as Fergasms.
Friend: Come out with us, we wanna give you money and drinks and attempt to make this very night the reason for your existence.

Me: No need, I'm watching Craig Ferguson tonight.
by invinciblersa June 19, 2011
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Sexiest funniest man alive/on Late night television with a Scottish accent.

WATCH HIM after David Letterman on CBS
Me: OH MY GOD did you watch Craig last night?
by iPanickedTGG September 01, 2009
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facts about Craig Ferguson:

He is the Late late show host on after Letterman.
He tells the same jokes every night, but their still hilarious.
He is much shorter in person than you'd think.
He has a really bad warm-up comedian.
He likes to get really close to the camera.
He likes to hit the side of the camera.
He broke a camera during a show once.
He has the same guests on all the time.
He used to have a really cool sound effects machine and email jingles.
He is Scottish
by atianafiorella July 22, 2009
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Scottish comedian, host of The Late Late Show on CBS.

He replaced Craig Kilbourne on January 3, 2005. He was one of four finalists running for the job as host.

He is a rather funny man. Unfortunately he shares the time slot with Conan O'Brien so it's difficult for me to watch Ferguson, but from what I've seen he is a very laid back scottish man, and it's a nice change from the typical comedian.

His show aires at 12:35 EST on CBS right after Letterman.
Billy: Is Craig Ferguson as funny as Conan O'Brien?
Me: No, but he's definately better than those tools Letterman and Leno.
by Jack Townshend June 29, 2006
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