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We grabbed a bag of Snickers and went Jenny Craiging.
by happyfling September 15, 2011
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some girl who enjoys shaving her eyebrows and glueing them back on for fun. She think she is really cool but isnt really...
Cool person: 'Hey Jessica Craig what you doing"
Jessica: 'Im just shaving my eyebrows and glueing them back on!"
Cool person: 'Why?!"
Jessica: "Because I wanna be cooler than you"
by Jessica-May June 6, 2017
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Jim Craig appreciation day is on February 22nd. Jim Craig is and should be appreciated everyday, but as a society in order to truly appreciate this wonderful man we must have a national day of rest to celebrate him and his other teammates.
Hey are you going to the parade on Jim Craig Appreciation Day?
by Jim Shoes November 3, 2019
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Bristol is hot like really hot I’m talking like omfg she’s hot af
Shes hot she must be a bristol Craig
by Julian... May 11, 2022
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Gay sex in a tent

Orgie of men having sex in a tent
Dosnt have to be in a tent
by Campingcraig February 12, 2019
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yeh i thought it was a pretty good definition ive also been saying yes to all your definitions they are pretty good ngl
yo have you heard of Big craigs crack dealership
yeah they are pretty good at definitions
by Some_Person_Was_Taken May 9, 2020
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