Craig is his own species, so uncultured that it's not even funny anymore.
Craig: *says something stupid* *being ignorant*

Me: Stop being such a Craig, UGhhh
by Cora Austin February 20, 2019
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The most generic person on the fucking planet. They have no redeemable qualities and probably find all these 'name' dictionary definitions to be "enlightening".

They are so boring that even their name is generic -- just like Dave, Joe, Greg, Theodore.
"Craig is boring as fuck."
by Mickey_G_ April 24, 2019
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a super hot version of the classic "negative nellie". except a dude with amazing eyes. who gives great piggy back rides and back rubs and protects you from mean ass goth kids. he doesn't believe in himself, but he's an awesome person deep down. i'm talking deep deep deep deep deeeeeeep down.
girl 1- dude, i need a craig right now, that goth kid just bitched at me, and we would totally go kick his ass and then craig would give me a piggy back ride.

by yourmotharrr November 20, 2010
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dude: hey i'm about to sell something
other dude: try selling it on that list craig made
by csuki March 25, 2020
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A Craig is someone who impregnates girls of younger age, sometimes several generations below them.
Oh look at that couple she's totally been Craig'd

She's how old? That's half his age. What a Craig.
by MilMulligan September 12, 2019
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a boy with a smile that's unforgettable. Usually can be found playing hockey or talking about cars. His thoughtfulness and unselfishness makes him the best kind of boyfriend. Someone worth spending your life with.
girl 1: wow that guy is such a great boyfriend!
girl 2: duh, he's a Craig
by TheEZ February 16, 2010
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