A hairstyle, with short hair at the back and long hair towards the front. Some examples are, Ramona Flowers and Chi-Chi from Dragon Ball.
"Cowtails are so cute! I want to get them."
by 10YearoldPornstar August 18, 2020
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when you're masterbating and all of a sudden you have explosive diarrhea. Hence the mixture of the brown and white colors of the Cowtail Candy.
I was spanking it to a picture of your sister last night and totally got CowTail.
by Joe Tulsey March 13, 2010
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When you have sex with a girl during her menstruation, then do her in the ass and finish in it.
I gave my girlfriend a strawberry cowtail last night.
by BrenHalo January 29, 2009
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a cowtail is when a female sticks a cowtail up their partners ass and then rips it out and it makes a hole in his/her ass
Becky did the cowtail to sam and his ass hurts really bad
by Boukie January 25, 2021
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