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The girl of your dreams. She seems almost too cool to be believed.

Taken from Scott Pilgrim Vs The World movie and comic book. Ramona Flowers is the main love interest.
When she started talking about beating HALO on Legendary, her career as a Victoria's Secret model and how Slash from Guns and Roses taught her how to play guitar, I knew that my date that night was my own personal Ramona Flowers.
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Super hot and awesome chick from the new upcoming movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the world.

Become's the love interest of Scott after seeing her in a dream, which later on becomes real.

Can step into other people's dreams using subspace portals.
Works for
Moved to Canada after bad break up in New York.
Scott eventually moves in with Ramona after defeating Roxie and telling her he loves her.
Character also is in the 'Scott Pilgram' book series.
Girl 1 :Who was the girl off the Scott Pilgram commercial?
Girl 2:Oh, you mean Ramona Flowers?
Girl 1:Oh yeah! I LOVE her hair!
Girl 2:Me too!
by toriiyeah August 07, 2010
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