The woman a male-homosexual pretends to date in order to hide his sexual orientation
Girl 1: "I just found out my ex-boyfriend is gay!"
Girl 2: "But weren't you just dating him a month ago?!?!"
Girl 1: "Yes. It turns out I was his Cover Girl."
by bgunwx July 11, 2008
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1. A female who is easy. An Easy breezy.

2. An undercover freak.

3. A girl who wears too much makeup.
"In the club take her to the bathroom she's a COVER GIRL after that you can leave with another girl."

"When we woke up the next morning I realized she was a COVER GIRL I could hardly recognize her"
by Trinide April 16, 2007
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Where ones female fried is putting on make up, you offer to put on their mascara but when they close their eyes you jizz in their face. Asking them to sit on a bed or a chair will also help moving their face close to your rock hard yogurt cannon. Requires pre-masturbation which can usually be done in a nearby washroom.
Ryan offered Christa to help put on her mascara but little did she know he had just came out of the bathroom and was ready to make her a Cover Girl.
by rebel13459 September 18, 2007
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What a perfect August day! It's a cover girl, with not a cloud in the sky!
by Banks/Banksie August 27, 2008
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Is an advertising slogan, based on the phrase 'easy breezy'.
The commercialization of pop culture has meant that slogans such as 'easy breezy beautiful cover girl' are confused with actual phrases.
by Jiminy Jillickers September 17, 2006
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A term used to describe something that is facile, effortless, and painless.
Tomorrow's test is going to be easy breezy beautiful cover girl.
by Elizabeth Tudor May 30, 2006
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