To be successful in something against the odds.

Phrase originated from the UFC fighter Randy Couture, who in his 40's managed to beat his opponents decisively when no one thought he stood a chance.
Example 1:

<Person 1> This guy is unbeatable. No one was even close to beat him... Sorry man but I don't think you stand any chance.

<Person 2> Well, I guess I'm just going to have to Couture him.

Example 2:

"I have 3 days 'till the exams, and I haven't studied at all. If I drink a lot of coffee and study day and night, I might pass it. It's going to be ruff, but I guess I'll just have to Couture it!"
by HaL[1338] August 27, 2007
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From the french phrase "haute couture." Unfortunately the "haute" part means "high" and the "couture" part means having to do with fashion or sewing. Ignorant Americans mixed this up and now they use "couture" to refer to high end or luxury things. So next time you walk past a bakery offering "bagel couture" feel free to call them idiots, unless they actually sew their bagels.
Those juicy couture sweatpants are high fashion. (correct)

Oh look, a store advertising bagel couture. (incorrect)
by NoahBalboa June 11, 2007
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being a hot bad bitch 💕
bb you’re coutureing 💕
by ivan couture March 14, 2022
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1) French word for seam(s).

2) Sometimes used for clothes that are high end.
Il y a des coutures dans mon pantalon.
(There are seams in my pants.)
by Adam89 March 1, 2006
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i)French word for fashion

ii)Slang for cool with respect to something thats expensive or high end
i)I LOVE galliano haute couture

ii)those Yves Saint Laurent espadrilles are SO COUTURE
by prada June 30, 2005
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Extravagant fashion generally dresses is a french word, couture dresses are very expensive and outrageous and it doesnt look good in everyone, couture makeup is also extravagant and outregeous
by XocoHeart January 21, 2007
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