This isn't your normal everyday could you please, the way it is ment o be said is in a harsh manner, this is because it means stop it. Sorry this definition sucks, I am busy gherkin it.
Tina: Tyler! Get your hands out of your pants!
Sadex: Tina, could you please.
by Tyler Sadex May 26, 2004
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A reference to what Tyler Joseph once said in an interview while asked about his voice.

He was asked why his voice was deep in some songs but not in others and he explained he didn't like the sound of his voice; it was too high. He then gave an example to if he were to have a wife and children and someone were to break in and he'd yell but his voice would not be very intimidating.
"From the top of the steps I'm just gonna be like, excuse me, could you please leave? Nothing very intimidating about it'
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A more rude and aggressive way of nicely asking someone to stop doing something.
*James pokes Becky*
Becky: could you fucking not please/CYFNP! its annoying!
by dat guy! January 17, 2016
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